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Why we should choose a high class wedding dress

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Shopping for a wedding dress is strange. You have to make an appointment. You're expected to bring family and friends. The salespeople say things like, "You'll remember this forever."

When I bought my dress a few months ago, I couldn't stop thinking about how emotional it all was — and how expensive.

To figure out why wedding dresses cost so much, a big trade show for the wedding-dress industry.

That's where I met Anne Barge, who has been designing wedding dresses for over 20 years. She has her own line, and she also designs for the Badgley Mischka label.

"It's not just a white dress," she says. It's the fabric, and it's the workmanship, and it's the lining, and it's the fit."

She points me to a dress on one of her many racks. The dress was made with 25 yards of pure silk satin in it; that material costs $100 a yard, she says. The embroidery on top comes from India; it costs thousands more, Barge says.

That adds up to real money, but it doesn't account for the total price tag: $8,000.

A lot of that extra cost comes down to the word "wedding."

To become a beautiful bride

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Elizabeth Taylor in Father of The Bride

Have you ever dreamt of having a dress that is NOT stark white for your wedding day? We have had more and more ladies requesting some colors that could be a good alternative to white. You may have seen noticed some of these options such as: champagne, blush, and oyster.

As you are thinking through all your wedding dress options, here is another one for you… Stark white or soft white, Ivory, blush, champagne options are limitless. What constitutes white is a great debate that we often referee here in our little boutique. The debate is often had between one person who is very “traditional” and one who simply just loves one particular shade. The good news is that no one is wrong but there are lots of misconceptions about the history of the white dress.

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